About Me

Hello from Milky Mumma, 

Hi Im Gabriella Founder & Manager of Milky Mumma. 


Why Milky Mumma ? Because being a busy Women shouldn't mean compromising your health and happiness just because you want it all.

Its about having it all. 

Ive been working in the Birth world as a Birth Doula and Hypnobirthing Instructor in Brisbane for years, Im a mother of 4 and grandmother of 5,I have always enjoyed supporting women in their journey as a women and trough to motherhood, I feel this is a extension of my passion and supports my dream to touch as many lives and make a difference I anyway I can.

My passion and drive comes from my own journey for better health.

My Goal was to develop real food that not only tasted great but was actually good for you. And most importantly for mothers/women that it was guilt free!! 

Milky Mumma was never meant to be just a lactation product and I can say with hand on heart it’s so much more.

I consciously made sure all the ingredients used encouraged hormone balance, iron, lactation, hydration and more. My passion to support women has taken on a life of its own, I’m so excited to be able to offer these perfectly balanced products. It brings me such joy and hopefully makes all your lives that much easier.  

Health is everything 💁‍♀️and it truly matters to me at a soul level, I hope every Mumma to be out their, gets to experience the Milky Mumma difference. 

Its not just lactation nutrition or hydrating fluid for labour or even health blends, The milky brand is about convenience, multifaceted, flexible, and so safe and healthy to share with your family, I’m here to give women support.

My Why is because I want to make a difference 💫

Milky Mumma loves you back.

I Hope You Enjoy Each Mouthful, You Deserve The Best


Gabriella x